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2. Unmistakably Office, designed for Mac Mac users can now get new and modern versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote that have the familiar look and feel of Office, and have been thoughtfully designed for Mac. They can quickly produce quality documents using new online templates, Smart Lookup, and recommended charts. They will have access to your docs in the cloud whenever you need them. No more sending documents back and forth in email: and it’s easy to share work and have others review it, since several people can edit the same document simultaneously. Office Home & Business 2016 1 , Office Professional 2016 1,2 , and Office Standard 2016 provide very small businesses with business - grade productivity and collaboration tools at a great value that help them do their best work. They can now get better results with greater ease and with fewer steps -- anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. Sell Office with every device.  Educate your customers on the value of Office 2016  Recommend the right Office suite  Earn incentives with every Office sale Learn more - us/business/office 1 Office Home & Business 2016 and Office Professional 2016 requires activation with a Microsoft Account; up to 25 copies may b e activated under 1 Microsoft Account. 2 Office Professional 2016 available via Digital Download. 3 Transferrable within 90 days of purchase. Office Home & Business 2016 Office Professional 2016 Office Standard 2016 Full installed version of Microsoft Office applications Designed for home offices and small businesses 3 For 1 PC or Mac For 1 PC For 1 PC or Mac Easily save documents online with Microsoft OneDrive online storage Skype for Business, volume activation, Group Policy, and more Recommend the right Office 2016 suite for every Windows device

1. Earn more. Start selling Office Home & Business 2016 today. Every business needs Office – Sell Office with every device. A huge revenue opportunity for you See your deal size increase by getting your resellers to recommend and sell the right Office 2016 suite with every device sal e. Office Home & Business 2016 allows small businesses to obtain all the Office essentials at a great value . Identify the opportunity Customers often assume that Office is included with the purchase of a device. This is usually not the case. Inform your resellers and ensure they educate their customers and recommend Office with every device. Recommend Office Customers want Office and they are 5 times more likely to purchase Office only if you recommend it. Make the sale Fewer than 20 percent of customers will return to buy an Office suite after they have purchased a new device. The best time to make an Office sale is with a new device sale. Office Home & Business 2016 – Maximum productivity at a great value Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 helps your customers do their best work – anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Updated versi ons of the popular desktop applications, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, are built for maximum productivity. They’ll have access to their documents in the cloud whenever they need them. And they can collaborate easily with their team by sharing, presenting and working together on projects with built in tools across the suite. Modern desktop productivity Do great work, anywhere, anytime Made for teamwork Top benefits Smart productivity tools provide guidance to help very small businesses stay on task in order to do great work more quickly. Customers can be productive at their convenience and can do great work in any place, at any time with easy access to files in the cloud. Customers can get their team on the same page using built - in collaboration tools to share and co - author documents, spreadsheets, presentations and notes. Features Tell Me is a powerful new feature in Office that will guide customers to the results they’re looking for. Smart Lookup , powered by Bing, finds contextual information from the web within the desktop applications that’s being used. Customers can pick the Office theme that's right for them -- Dark Gray for a high contrast look and feel that is easy on the eyes, Colorful for a modern and fresh look, or White for a traditional Office look. One - click forecasting allows you to quickly turn your historical data into an analysis of future trends, and new charts help you visualize complex data. More intuitive navigation of cloud - storage locations means that you can access your documents anywhere. E diting and sharing your files has become even easier across your devices , even from a desktop. Customers can pick up from where they left off because the apps know what was worked on last, whether stored locally or online, no matter what device was being used. New modern attachments in Outlook make it easy to attach files from OneDrive and automatically configure permission for the recipients — all without leaving Outlook. Simplified sharing lets you quickly invite others to review or edit your documents. Co - authoring in Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote gets your team on the same page. Unincorporated feedback and the challenges of version control become things of the past, as everyone can simultaneously edit the same document from different devices in different locations and see where others are working in the document and their edits as they happen. Improved version history allows you to view or go back to earlier drafts, eliminating any apprehension about losing information when making edits and changes to documents. Threaded comments in Word and PowerPoint enable people to have useful conversations right next to relevant text, and who replied to whom and when is clear.


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